THIS IS THE PLACE > Petrol Station Mamak Carwash

Right smack in the middle of Subang Jaya, at the side of the Sunway-Subang Jaya main roundabout (which has seen many drunkards plowing into its centre), is a pretty much famous 3-in-1 car meet up location.

Camera 360

Formerly known as Mobil / Esso, has now been re-branded as ‘Petron’ (due to a major share buy over by Petron from Exxonmobil), a soon to be familiar brand all around Malaysia. Most people who are regular visitors to this place will forever know this as Mobil / Esso though.

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THIS IS THE PLACE > Ulu Yam Batang Kali Road

You have probably heard people mention a driving road that leads to the mountain side town of Gohtong Jaya via Gombak numerous times. The road, starting from Gombak side enters Jalan Sungai Tua heading towards Ulu Yam village is a favourite haunt for car clubs of all sorts and also motorcycle clubs like ‘kap chais’ all the way to 1000cc superbikes.


On the last day of 2012, we gathered a small group of eager drivers and a crotch rocket rider to spend a morning taking in mountain side wind and dust.

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