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You have probably heard people mention a driving road that leads to the mountain side town of Gohtong Jaya via Gombak numerous times. The road, starting from Gombak side enters Jalan Sungai Tua heading towards Ulu Yam village is a favourite haunt for car clubs of all sorts and also motorcycle clubs like ‘kap chais’ all the way to 1000cc superbikes.


On the last day of 2012, we gathered a small group of eager drivers and a crotch rocket rider to spend a morning taking in mountain side wind and dust.

Treats Panorama IMG_1560

IMG_1567 _MG_4723 IMG_1553

Meeting up at a petrol station on Jalan Batu Caves, we took off as soon as the cameras were strapped in and bladders were emptied.

P1040875 Ghetto camera mount!

Jalan Sungai Tua is a single lane, one up, one down road which and the early part seems not like much; full of speed bumps and traffic lights.

Capture4-1-2013-11.16.44 PM

The road soon opens up and leads you to long smooth curves on an incline.

Capture4-1-2013-11.13.15 PMThe bendy roads were a blast to roll through

Capture4-1-2013-11.14.07 PMOur lead camera man / crotch rocket man


This road then ends after Ulu Yam village and turns off to Batang Kali; another long stretch of winding roads that shoots all the way up to the end point at Gohtong Jaya.

Capture4-1-2013-11.17.55 PMGreeted by mist and a very light shower, we powered up to our end point

Capture4-1-2013-11.21.45 PM

Most drives or rides usually end up at the infamous stretch of seafood restaurants or the old Sri Layang cable car operator for food (which we ended up in and we missed some awesome ‘roti canai’ because it was closed that morning)

_MG_4758Even a Prius-C has no qualms running up here

IMG_1580Scooby doo – riding really fast all the way up

jaguh wallpaper

_MG_4741 _MG_4756CRZ bums

This road leads a very interesting trip for those lazy Sunday morning drives with friends. If you are in search of a good road to have a short trip out with your buddies, we highly recommend this route. Note: Traffic can build up in the later part of the morning with holiday goers and tour buses so be sure to leave early.

Here is a map of the route if you are wanting to know how to get there

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