SHOWTIME > JDM meet @ Oasis, Ara Damansara

JDM meet mamak

Organised in just 2 days over Facebook, the JDM meet saw over 200 cars gathered that night. Most of Japanese origin, semi-Japanese, and a couple of lost individuals who decided, “Ooo….a car meet! Let us go too!”

JDM meet 350z

JDM meet street

JDM meet toyotas

Oldskool, Newskool, doesn’t matter. A gathering of like-minded individuals with a thirst for petrol and teh tarik.

JDM meet 180sx

JDM meet skylines

The parking lots were littered with various examples of Malaysian auto styles, some really deserving a second, or maybe third look.

JDM meet oldskool

JDM meet s15

JDM meet 2

JDM meet mr2

JDM meet 350z s13

The rain came swiftly that night. Its like the gods decided that JDM cars shouldn’t meet up and disturb the peace of Oasis’ residents. Or maybe someone’s been praying hard for it to rain that night to clear up the noise and burnt petrol. Or maybe meets like this just need the services of a resident ‘Bomoh’ (witch doctor).

JDM meet evos

Viddy courtesy of Mat Canyon again!

Words: Joshua Boey
Photos: Joshua Boey, Loo Sean D

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