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KLIMS13 shelby

After a 2 year hiatus, the Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow 2013 is now back again to showcase new concepts, sell the public new cars, and fill up people’s SD cards full of girls.

KLIMS13 many ppl

Packed like sardines in a can, the crowd was pretty overwhelming over the weekend. Crowds milled around cars (mostly only the ones surrounded by girls) to grab photos and stare at ‘details’…

KLIMS13 lexus model

KLIMS13 lfa 2

Like this Lexus LFA which Malaysians do not normally see on public roads.

KLIMS13 lfa rims

KLIMS13 lfa

KLIMS13 lexus f sport

KLIMS13 lexus 1

There were a slew of wacky looking concepts for the crowds to digest, like this sedan concept from local carmaker Perodua, quite weirdly named ‘Buddyz’.

KLIMS13 perodua buddyz

Funny looking ones..

KLIMS13 toyota concept

And some pretty nice looking ones.

KLIMS13 citroen concept

KLIMS13 honda concept

And also some interesting things to view through the all the 4 halls in Putra World Trade Centre.

KLIMS13 golf cut 1

KLIMS13 golf cut 2

KLIMS13 open wheel

KLIMS13 caterham

KLIMS13 honda fit

KLIMS13 subaru booth

KLIMS13 boxer engine

For the first time we could actually see in the flesh, the Internet famous Rocket Bunny kit on a Toyota GT86 (or Scion FRS as this one is badged as it’s American name).

KLIMS13 gt86 3

The rear wing and bolt-on fenders really give the 86 much more presence.

KLIMS13 gt86 2

KLIMS13 gt86

One of the halls showcased a collection of American old school rides which made us spend most of our time. It is not very often that you get to see 3 generations of Corvette Stingrays all in one place in Malaysia.

KLIMS13 stingray 3

KLIMS13 stingray 2

KLIMS13 stingray

As well as some classic petrol-guzzling cars of a bygone era.

KLIMS13 bluecar

KLIMS13 american

Way back in the corner of the hall posed the car that started the whole industry of automobile mass-manufacturing, the Ford Model T.

KLIMS13 ford model T

There was an entire section dedicated to ‘Autosalon Cars’ but the examples staged there were already modified cars that most Malaysian would be familiar with and have seen on the road before. There were nice examples and some….pretty terrible ones too. We will just leave the terrible one to end this post and burn your retinas.

KLIMS13 ugly face

KLIMS13 ugly ass

Sorry for that.

Photos and Words: Joshua Boey

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