Another round of Attacking Time at Sepang


After another successful round a few months back in May, hosts yet another day of fuel burning for seconds on the clock.

s2000 grey

Round 2 was set in the later part of the day unlike the last. This meant that participants had more sunlight to prepare their cars and crowds had more time to eat breakfast.

BMW pikachu

TTA girl

chrome r35

overcast skies

At this time of the year boasts the annual torrential rain which is most likely to fall somewhere around 3pm to whatever time Mother Nature feels like stopping it; just at the hour when the cars are unleashed on track.

wet wet wet

mclaren 12c



A pretty darn rare Mitsubishi Eclipse running for time attack. These cars pretty much unheard of and unseen on Malaysian roads.

megane rs


Hairdresser’s car you say? Obviously not.

dc5 running wet

Rain or shine, racers and crowds alike brushed off the wetness and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

neo cam

Someone hook this guy up with a GoPro please! Bye bye DSLR.


Ken Block left his old Subaru in Malaysia…..or has become Malaysian?



delorean front

The DeLorean. Just add a Flux Capacitor and we can go Back to the Future!

delorean side

delorean butt

To give you an idea how wet the track was, here is Alif Hamdan exercising great car control with his A31 Cefiro. Video courtesy of slidergrub

Photos: Justin Leong

Words: Joshua Boey

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