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November 30th 2013 the car community across the globe lost someone immediately identifiable. Paul Walker, famed from the Fast & Furious franchise was not just an actor who was made known to the car community by being in movie, but he was an all-round car nut just like the many of us who live and breath tarmac and petrol. His passing has reminded us that speed not only sparks fun, adrenalin and excitement, but it can also take away as easy as it is to reach 60 kph.

“If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling” – Paul Walker. RIP

hard parked

A global gathering held to commemorate Paul’s passing, we here in Malaysia join in to do what most car nuts love to do on a quiet weekend night; gather up and burn some petrol with the camaraderie of new and existing buddies. We gathered up at the welcome entrance of Sepang International Circuit and swapped stories and smiles.

i almost had you


hard parked 2

sepang gathering

As the pack gathered a good sum of cars, we decided to make a move on the road to close the night. Kudos to Mat Canyon for a brilliant suggestion for a in-prompt Video / Photo shoot of the entire bunch of cars. He climbed aboard the only car with a usable sunroof (Thanks to the MR2) and shot the entire group whilst rolling from Sepang to the Dengkil R&R.



run the road

Mat Canyon | The Takeover: Ready to Roll | RIP Paul Walker from Mat Canyon on Vimeo.

s15 grey 2\

s15 grey


We stopped at Dengkil R&R for another session of photo taking before ending the night.

parked 2



Photos: Kenneth Tang & Joshua Boey

Video: Mat Canyon

Words: Joshua Boey

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