VIDEO > Goodbye to an old friend, the VW Kombi

Over 60 years across the globe, through all the smoked-out, music driven, culturally smothered history of it’s days running giving room for basked, party worn teenagers to crash, a personal space for older folk to travel and dream, a place called home for some and their families, the switched modified chromed out art based design madness that spawned clubs to gather with camaraderie, and the joy of togetherness; there really is nothing like the humble Volkswagen Kombi. If you have lived on the earth for awhile, you would have crossed paths with it at least once, and if you have not, you should. The Kombi will forever remain as part of the world’s most cherished and celebrated vehicles that will continually be remembered for all time.

Prices of Kombis will skyrocket real soon, so if you have the dream (and the money), make it a part of your life forever.

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