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Brightening up some faces with petrol guzzling monster machines? That was the objective of the latest UO Superdrive, held last week inconjuction with local supermarket chain UO Superstores’ 22nd anniversary. The charity drive lead a group of Skylines and Subarus from respective clubs to visit an orphanage way up in Janda Baik, Pahang.

Line up

The group started the day at Galaxy Ampang Shopping Mall which then headed to the orphanage ‘Badan Amal Nur Zaharah’, located at Janda Baik. The goal was to enable the children of the orphanage to hop on and experience rolling thunders and drive up to Cherengin Hills Convention and Spa Resort where they would be having lunch, fun and games. Here are some photos we managed to catch before we forgot about our cameras.

Line up Skylines
Skyline butts
GTR rear
Skylines hardparked
R34 silver
Blue R32
R34 wing
R34 side
Orange R34

It’s a nice, warm fuzzy feeling bringing smiles (and maybe even a little gripes of fear) to children with turbos spooling and and exhausts bellowing. Drives like these bring more meaning to automotive culture where the fun in cars can be shared not just by those knee deep in it, but also by those who rarely have the chance to experience it.

Photos: Sean D

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