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ManVan debut
The Man Van debuts at the recent Art of Speed Asia 2014! With fake grass carpeting, wide set rims, tire stencils, racing bucket seats for absolutely no reason at all, and most of all – matte black paint to be used as a chalkboard.

ManVanchalk draw
We invited the show goers to have a hand at drawing anything their hearts desired (except penises) on the Man Van’s body; and the turn out was quite a sight to see.
ManVanchalk draw 2
From text to art pieces, the Man Van was fully covered by sundown.
ManVanchalk right
Art by the people. Penis drawings appeared somewhere between 5pm – 6pm.
ManVanchalk pose
ManVanchalk front
ManVanchalk side
ManVanchalk rear
ManVanchalk win
The funny thing that happened was that the Man Van actually won something. Courtesy of Astro Awani’s InGear (props to Farradino for liking the Man Van so much! Cheers bro!), the Man Van won the ‘InGear Super Special’ prize and will be appearing on an episode of InGear in the near future!

Our coverage of Art of Speed Asia 2014 will be up soon!

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