ON THE ROAD > UO Superdrive with Skylines and Subarus

Brightening up some faces with petrol guzzling monster machines? That was the objective of the latest UO Superdrive, held last week inconjuction with local supermarket chain UO Superstores’ 22nd anniversary. The charity drive lead a group of Skylines and Subarus from respective clubs to visit an orphanage way up in Janda Baik, Pahang.

Line up

The group started the day at Galaxy Ampang Shopping Mall which then headed to the orphanage ‘Badan Amal Nur Zaharah’, located at Janda Baik. The goal was to enable the children of the orphanage to hop on and experience rolling thunders and drive up to Cherengin Hills Convention and Spa Resort where they would be having lunch, fun and games. Here are some photos we managed to catch before we forgot about our cameras. Continue reading

VIDEO > Goodbye to an old friend, the VW Kombi

Over 60 years across the globe, through all the smoked-out, music driven, culturally smothered history of it’s days running giving room for basked, party worn teenagers to crash, a personal space for older folk to travel and dream, a place called home for some and their families, the switched modified chromed out art based design madness that spawned clubs to gather with camaraderie, and the joy of togetherness; there really is nothing like the humble Volkswagen Kombi. If you have lived on the earth for awhile, you would have crossed paths with it at least once, and if you have not, you should. The Kombi will forever remain as part of the world’s most cherished and celebrated vehicles that will continually be remembered for all time.

Prices of Kombis will skyrocket real soon, so if you have the dream (and the money), make it a part of your life forever.

SHOWTIME > Old Skool Lovin’ @ Retro Havoc 2014

Old skoolers

The Oldskool/Retro/Classic car movement has been going strong in Bolehland lately. Events, drives, and meets sprout many times to gather owners of immaculate classics and balled-out oldskoolers. Some of these cars are driven daily to work and back, some are parked and taken out once a month for a breather, and some are thrashed and driven with enthusiasm all week long. Continue reading

SHOWTIME > Ferrari Racing Days 2014 @ SIC


Last weekend held one of the largest gatherings of prancing horses Sepang has ever undertaken. The first round of the Ferrari APAC Challenge 2014 also kicked off at Sepang making for a day where anyone could get their heads, ears and eyes fully immersed in the world of Ferrari. This also gave a chance for many owners to stretch their horse’s legs and whip them around a controlled environment. Continue reading